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grow organic visitors

SEO isn’t just about ranking keywords – it’s doing so for keywords that actually convert. Most SEO agencies fail to understand that different keywords have different purchase intent.

convert seo visitors to leads in cape town

convert more leads

Our conversion rate optimisation strategies include designing powerful landing pages and optimising your sales funnel to capture leads more effectively – turning visitors into customers.

retarget seo or organic visitors

retarget site visitors

Retargeted ads remind website visitors and interested readers about your brand. When customers see your business for a second or third time online, they are 26% more likely to convert.

what makes our seo services different in cape town

What makes our SEO service different?

At Digital Squad, we go beyond just SEO rankings. Apart from driving organic visitors to your site, our custom built strategies are built to convert traffic into genuine leads. We also understand that not every visitor will turn into an immediate transaction, which is why we employ powerful remarketing and lead nurturing strategies to turn todays browsers into future buyers.

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Our Expertise

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your sites visibility on Google for relevant keywords used by your target audience. Understanding purchase intent behind keywords is critical for running a successful campaign. Organic traffic and leads from SEO are highly sought after by companies for their higher conversion rates, quicker transaction period and higher average sale value. However, unlike most SEO agencies – we go beyond just rankings and keywords. Our in-depth understanding of conversion rates enables us to generate more leads out of visitors – which is ultimately what matters most.

Google Adwords Marketing

Use Google Adwords to acquire high conversion, instant traffic and leads. Our specialists utilise in-depth keyword research methodologies and ad campaign strategies to get you in front of ready-to-buy customers before your competitors do. As Google Premier Partners, you can be rest assured your Adwords budget is in the best hands. Our highly experienced in-house Google Adwords specialist can customised a data-driven PPC campaign targeting the right audience at the lowest possible cost per click with maximum return on investment (ROI). Get in touch today and find out our Google Adwords success stories.

Remarketing Campaigns

Not every person who visits your website will make a purchase. We use the best remarketing tools to track every site visitor and serve remarketing ads on their favourite sites to remind them about your brand. Return on investment (ROI) on remarketing campaigns can be over 500% given its served to highly relevant customers who are familiar with your brand and have a high purchase intent. Remarketing for e-commerce clients average a 26% increase in sales and 60% increase in returning visitors to your site. Our data driven approach to re-marketing tracks ROI on every dollar invested in our campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Over 78% of businesses either don’t know what their website conversion rate is or are unhappy with it. We use proven CRO methodologies to maximise lead capture from prospective buyers. Simple CRO techniques can lead to a 200-400% increase in leads from the same amount of visitors. CRO can benefit any business with a website. Given that 50% of website visitors originate from mobile devices, CRO can lead to massive improvement in leads from visitors from mobile and tablet users. Get more out of your site visitors today and maximise your leads and sales with CRO.

our seo expertise for cape town
why your cape town business needs seo for organic traffic growth

What your business needs SEO?

If your business doesn’t rank on the first page of search results, you risk being ignored by prospective customers.

Our digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) services help clients achieve first page rankings faster. What’s more important – we make sure you stay there by using white hat SEO techniques which are compliant with ever-changing Google Algorithms.

Whether or not you’ve realised it, the game has changed when it comes to marketing. Businesses which adopt and embrace digital marketing will WIN – evolve or die, its as simple as that!

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With over 10,000 hours of annual research and testing into the Google Algorithm, we don’t dabble in SEO – we live it, breathe it, dream it and are pretty damn good at it!

unbeatable support

Every member of our team is highly knowledgable, accessible and readily available to assist with your enquiries via phone, email or Skype.
best seo company in cape town

no outsourcing

All our specialists are based in-house and direct employees of our company. This ensures we have complete visibility, highest work standards and minimal risk.

proven results

With over 100 successful SEO projects, we’ve got all the data and case studies you need to be assured you’re dealing with the right company. No guesswork!

Our SEO Methodology

2. Keyword Research

Using Google’s search history database, we can uncover search terms used by your clients and actual search volumes.

3. Competitor Discovery

We reverse engineer your competitors content and backlink strategy, current rankings and uncover any white space phrases for easy wins.

4. Content Alignment

Once we’ve identified a keywords list, we audit existing website content to discover weaknesses and gaps. New content is added to thin pages and new pages are created.

6. Link Building Campaign

We audit your existing backlink profile, disavow any toxic links and create a roadmap for monthly linkbuilding in order to strengthen your domain authority.

7. Content Strategy

Content is oxygen for SEO. Our team plans out a monthly content calendar to improve engagement rates with high quality regular content throughout the campaign.

8.Tracking and Reporting

Monthly keyword progression, organic Market Visibility Score to benchmark competitor performance and visitor analytics to show site performance.