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Powerful Statistics on Content Marketing (2017)

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Powerful Statistics on Content Marketing (2017) Content marketing is a fantastic way to build your brand’s authority and exert dominance in your chosen field. In order to successfully content market your brand, educating your audience about your products and services automatically allows your brand to become front runners and enables you to establish a credible […]

8 Sites, a Twitter Chat and an Article to help your SEO for 2017

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So all you need to do is Google SEO resources and you could drown in the amount of content you will find about SEO. For a lot of small and medium size businesses it is already too much. There is a wealth of resources online for SEO. These are sites that we have point our […]

Effective Link Building Strategies to use in 2017

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Link Building Strategies 2017 Without efficient off-page optimisation, on-page optimisation has little impact. Ensuring link building is vital to the success of any business. Some tactics to employ in order to accumulate backlinks are discussed below. The key to success is variation and credibility. As you accumulate quality links, you’re simultaneously increasing the credibility and therefore […]

Google Releases the Trusted Contacts App on Android

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Google has released a new app called Trusted Contacts which is personal safety app for Android. The app is more meant to be used in emergency situations. When you first sign into the app you are asked to mark some of your close friends and family members as trusted contacts. Once this is done you will […]

HTTPS Everywhere


Your online world starts with HTTP aka hypertext transfer protocol. It is the base protocol that the Internet is built on. With HTTPS being encrypted within either transport layer security or secure sockets layer. Whenever your device sends an unencrypted HTTP request, it reveals something about what you are doing, and it is now common […]

NZ Small Businesses in Social and Search

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New Zealand has a lot of small businesses. According to the 2016 Small Business Factsheet in 2013 small businesses with 0-19 employees were responsible for 26% of New Zealand’s GDP. They fuel a lot of growth and employ a huge number of Kiwis and the hard part about the sheer number of SMBs is that […]

The Power of Branding for Small Businesses

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No matter your size be it you are a large multinational corporation or are just a small store selling your own crafts, branding matters. Now branding isn’t just the logo, colours or a slogan although those are its most visible signs. If you just google the definition of branding what comes up is the following: […]

Introducing the New Google Sites (Who used old one?)

google sites

Do you know what Google Sites is? …. Yeah I thought so, whether you are entrenched into Google’s ecosystem or not it is a web page creator that was launched 8 years ago which in Internet tech time means that its a grandpa. The original goal of Google Sites was to make it easy for  anyone […]

The Art of Reputation Management

reputation management

In today’s world, you have to expect that before you ever get that call for a job interview the HR manager has already googled you, looked you up on Facebook and or have reviewed your Linkedin profile. According to the search engine journal in February 2012 80% of companies use social media for recruiting. But […]