Finding the Best E-Commerce Platform for Your Online Store

An e-commerce site has a lot of parts, and with these parts come a lot of choices. For any online store, there are plenty of e-Commerce platform options for your online store when it comes to layout, design, colors, navigation, and so on, right down to database design. Thankfully, for most e-commerce platforms, the database […]

Overview of Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a customer-centric strategy that attracts prospects to your business. Unlike traditional marketing methods, new tactics are geared toward creating brand awareness that will bring in the right leads and develop customer relationships. This will lead to a stronger influence on the buyer’s future decisions. Inbound marketing is cheaper […]

8 Sites, a Twitter Chat and an Article to help your SEO for 2017

twitter impacts seo

So all you need to do is Google SEO resources and you could drown in the amount of content you will find about SEO. For a lot of small and medium size businesses it is already too much. There is a wealth of resources online for SEO. These are sites that we have point our […]

Crush your competition in 2017 with these simple steps over the holidays.

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As the curtains draw close on 2016, we’re left with a fortnight post Christmas when most small businesses close shop and kick back. However, this break presents an incredible opportunity to capitalize on “mass psychology” by implementing simple SEO strategies to make serious gains in your online rankings in 2017. We’ll stick to 4 easy […]

Effective Link Building Strategies to use in 2017

link building

Link Building Strategies 2017 Without efficient off-page optimisation, on-page optimisation has little impact. Ensuring link building is vital to the success of any business. Some tactics to employ in order to accumulate backlinks are discussed below. The key to success is variation and credibility. As you accumulate quality links, you’re simultaneously increasing the credibility and therefore […]

Boost your competitive edge using Rich Cards


Why You Want to Use Rich Cards Snippets for SEO Looking to stand out from your competition? Quickly boost your competitive edge using this new search engine format – Rich Cards! Remember that tedious microdata you had to manually enter for each property on your page so the crawlers could more accurately display your content […]

Boost your SEO Using Schema Markup

Schema markup is vital to boost your web page in the SERP organically. Schema markup is basically code that tells the search engine not just what content your page has, but what your content means. This minimises ambiguity and allows crawlers to categorise your site more accurately. Using’s example, let’s say you have a […]

Google Releases the Trusted Contacts App on Android

trusted contacts 4

Google has released a new app called Trusted Contacts which is personal safety app for Android. The app is more meant to be used in emergency situations. When you first sign into the app you are asked to mark some of your close friends and family members as trusted contacts. Once this is done you will […]

HTTPS Everywhere


Your online world starts with HTTP aka hypertext transfer protocol. It is the base protocol that the Internet is built on. With HTTPS being encrypted within either transport layer security or secure sockets layer. Whenever your device sends an unencrypted HTTP request, it reveals something about what you are doing, and it is now common […]