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If you’re a business owner in Cape Town, here are some hard facts about the state of the digital and commercial ecosystem we operate and exist in:

  1. Over 92% of customers will choose a business from first page of Google Search Result.
  2. The Top 3 results on first page are dominated by Google Adwords (Pay-per-click advertising).
  3. No other form of advertising has the level of measurability that Google Adwords does – every click, every dollar spend on every keyword can be tracked to an event such as a phone call or conversion.
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Adwords Campaign Setup Process

Understand your business, your audience and their buyer persona

Most Adwords agencies get this first step wrong. We believe that understanding your business, your customers and their buyer persona is possible the most important first step. This involves an in-depth consultation with the business owner, marketing or sales manager to  also understand your product and service offering to ultimately help with keyword selection and targeting.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Keyword research is an intensive process which requires utilisation of professional agency tools as well as Google’s own Keyword Planner to understand the keywords being searched for, estimated keyword volumes per month and level of competition of those keywords. We also conduct research on your competitors to uncover opportunities.

Recommend Monthly and Daily Budget

In this step, we either recommend a monthly budget based on keyword research (search volume vs cost per click) or work with a amount determined by you. Since every cent is tracked, there is full transparency on how your money has been spent.

Setup Negative Keywords and Conversion Tracking

Negative keywords are low quality search terms which don’t results in any meaningful interaction once the visitor has arrived on your site. We actively add negative keywords to the campaign to ensure Quality Score is maximised and CPC(cost per click) minimised – or in real word terms, the right audience is targeted.

Conversion tracking also allows us to attribute calls and enquires to clicks to better understand searcher behavior. This serves as valuable data to continually improve campaign.

Daily assessment of budget and click behaviour for first month

Nervous about how your first month of Google Adwords will work out? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

We closely monitor your campaign performance during the first month as this is a significant “learning period” for the campaign.

During this phase, we usually have multiple course corrections happening to improve your campaign setup.

Reporting and Recommendations

We setup monthly Adwords and Google Analytics Reporting with key information on important metrics such as clicks, cost per click, cost per conversion, bounce rates and session times. If this sounds too much geek-speak to you, don’t worry – we simplify our reports to plain English so it makes sense!

Ongoing optimisation

Your Adwords campaign is always under constant supervision and audit to see if there are opportunities to improve or capture more leads through increasing budget. We’ll keep you updated with recommendations and reporting of changes made and impact on campaign performance.

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