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Data Driven Business Decisions- Understanding the Metrics that Matter.

Google Data Studio

Understanding The Digital Marketing Landscape. The Optics and How to Maximise ROI. Digital Marketing is a powerful inbound marketing tool to have in your arsenal. Unlike traditional marketing, which is static and is usually limited to a local audience, digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (Google Adwords), social media marketing […]

3 Reasons Why Outsourcing an SEO Agency is the Best Choice


3 Reasons Why SEO Outsourcing an Agency is the Best Choice Consider the following before hiring in-house rather then SEO Outsourcing: Talent. Stay focused on your business and the initial reason your business is in the industry it is by hiring an agency. An agency’s sole focus is to ensure the success of the client. […]

SEO Predictions for 2017 from Auckland’s SEO experts

SEO Predictions

The SEO landscape is changing in realtime, with Google’s search algorithm  have unprecedented rate of updates as of late. With 2017 around the corner and with the recent Google announcements, we’ve complied a list of SEO predictions for effective SEO strategies for next year: 1. ) Mobile will dominate –  Google recently announced unique mobile indexation which is […]

Why you should pay attention to mobile index

mobile index

Google will be dividing its index between mobile and desktop – and the mobile index is set to dominate! Recently announced by Gary Illyes at Google, the move follows on from the ‘Mobilegeddon’ update and its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project. The new initiative is set to go ahead within a few months. Desktop usage is now […]

Backlinks – Quality over Quantity


The SEO landscape is constantly changing as Googles continues to improve its algorithm to make search results more relevant. Over the last 16 months, more emphasis has been put on having quality backlinks from sites with high Pagerank (PR) and Domain Authority ( DA) which indicates the level of trust Google has placed on these […]

SEO MYTHS 2016 Edition


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