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Beginners Guide to Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Since entering the information age, industrial competitiveness has expanded beyond regional bounds. In times preceding the digital era, the competitive market had predominantly consisted of local businesses within a specific territory. The digital revolution shifted the nature of marketing due to how competitors have become interconnected by the use of online search engines. Businesses from […]

Powerful Statistics on Content Marketing (2017)

marketing statistics

Powerful Statistics on Content Marketing (2017) Content marketing is a fantastic way to build your brand’s authority and exert dominance in your chosen field. In order to successfully content market your brand, educating your audience about your products and services automatically allows your brand to become front runners and enables you to establish a credible […]

Data Driven Business Decisions- Understanding the Metrics that Matter.

Google Data Studio

Understanding The Digital Marketing Landscape. The Optics and How to Maximise ROI. Digital Marketing is a powerful inbound marketing tool to have in your arsenal. Unlike traditional marketing, which is static and is usually limited to a local audience, digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (Google Adwords), social media marketing […]

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

black vs white hat seo

Avoid Google Penalties by Choosing a White Hat SEO A hat can really make you stand out from the crowd. But choosing the right colour will make sure you find that position in the limelight, stay in it and do it cost effectively. Appearing on the first page of a Google search is essential for […]

Boost your SEO Using Schema Markup


Schema markup is vital to boost your web page in the SERP organically. Schema markup is basically code that tells the search engine not just what content your page has, but what your content means. This minimises ambiguity and allows crawlers to categorise your site more accurately. Using Schema.org’s example, let’s say you have a […]

Google Local Search Explained!

Google Local Search

Get your business found in Local Search Business Listings in Cape Town Local search is one of the most important aspects of marketing today, especially for small businesses. It has become a great equalizer that allows small and mid-sized businesses to stand toe-to-toe with large corporations with a massive budget. Marketers refine their ad campaigns […]

5 Simple SEO Hacks to Boost Rankings.

5 Simple SEO Hacks

SEO hacks to help you get ranks An estimated 12-15 million searches are carried out each month in the US alone. With over 50% of it being on a mobile device, and over 65% of first page listed businesses landing a sale, it is ever more critical to ensure you’re business ranks ahead of your competitors. […]