What is CBA in analytics?

CBA is the abbreviation for Consumer behaviour analysis, the process of systematically examining and detailing the behaviour patterns of a company’s customer by using analytics.

What is CBA used for in Ecommerce Businesses?

Consumer or customer behaviour analysis has become a significantly beneficial marketing tool amongst Ecommerce businesses.

By analysing the customers behaviour data, ecommerce businesses gain insight into a customer buying pattern, enabling the business to further identify what specific customer types to target in order to drive sales and build, retain the most profitable customers thus Ecommerce Businesses reduce acquisition costs and accelerate business growth. 

 CBA benefit my Ecommerce business?

By focusing on individuals or specific behaviour groups, Ecommerce businesses can increase consumer satisfaction and in essence turn visitors into life long customers.

Research done by analysing the customer behavioural patterns can provide valuable insight and be used by ecommerce businesses to strategize marketing campaigns to meet their targeted customers needs thus building a greater, long-term customer base of profitable customers.

How can I use the information gained from CBA to grow my Ecommerce business?

CBA can be utilized by ecommerce businesses by examining the behaviour patterns of their most profitable customers and then acquiring consumers who reflect similar patterns to that of their best customers.

Insights from CBA can then be used in designing personalised promotions and marketing campaigns, such as through target emails, which provides the desired solution for the customer thus driving sales for your Ecommerce business. 

Businesses can also continue marketing by replicating the advertising efforts, in order to attract more customers and maintain the customer relationships in hope of gaining long-term customers as well as to generate leads and potentially gain conversions. 

Satisfied customers are more likely to return in the future as well as promote the brand or product to friends, relatives colleagues or by sharing the brand and/or product via social media platforms which aids business exposure and growth.

From successful marketing campaigns by using analytics, Ecommerce businesses gain knowledge into the buying pattern of what the consumers are looking for which can further be used to predict future behaviour and design optimal campaigns ahead of time with less competitiveness from similar brands.

How do I use CBA to Strategize marketing campaigns?

Ecommerce businesses should aim to create and drive personalised campaigns in which marketing is directed at customers on an individual level.

Analysing consumer behaviour data has become quite simple thanks to the many, easily available tool on the net. Information about which topics, posts, materials, products and content is performing the best can be used by Ecommerce businesses to focus future marketing by adding new content and materials which is relative and/or applicable to the popular content. Strategies can then too be designed to address the content or products that need reworking and more attention.

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