Web Design Advice

Web Design Advice

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A website can cost anything from R200 to R30000 depending on who you request a quote from and what your requirements are. Generally speaking, an e-commerce website is more expensive than a service-based website.

A few tips to help you choose the right website designer:

1. Price doesn’t determine the quality of work. Get a few quotes and compare what’s included.

2. Ask to see a portfolio and choose someone whose work really gets your attention.

3. A website isn’t just a page of information, ask the designer to explain the thinking behind the design as the design should speak to your target audience.

4. Ask to see reviews from past clients.

5. Make sure the designer can do basic on-page SEO.

6. Check the page speed of one of the portfolio websites.

Some other advice

1. Make sure the hosting is in your name, whoever owns the domain, owns the website.

2. If it’s a WordPress website try to avoid paid themes and ask the designer to build a custom design.

3. Know what licenses you need if any.

3. Get timelines and make sure they can accommodate you.

4. Know what you are looking to build and get involved.

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